Heating & Cooling Queensbury, NY

Queensbury, NY heating & cooling is a unique area depending on where your home or business is. Many of the people in Queensbury, NY and the surrounding areas are limited to only having oil or propane as an option for heating and cooling.

This is what you may believe anyways. Superior Coop HVAC as a number of optional solutions you may not have known about. We recommend you give us a call or us the contact us page to send us a message. We will gladly come out do a free estimate and give you a number of HVAC options you may have not known about. Watch this video, it can give you an alternative idea for heating & cooling in the Queensbury, NY area.

We do also have years of experience in traditional heating & cooling so if your not ready for something new do not worry, we can meet all your traditional HVAC needs as well.


The patented Mitsubishi Electric Dual Barrier Coating prevents dust and dirt from accumulating on the indoor unit – keeping it cleaner year-round.

Dual Barrier Means:


The coating is applied to the heat exchanger, vanes and ducts, and to the blower wheel of the indoor unit, which means reduced labor intensive maintenance.


Collects 1/10th of the dirt compared to non-coated components after 10 years of no cleaning maintenance.