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Heat Pump Labor Installation Costs

For labor costs, you can expect most heat pump installers to charge anywhere from $68 to $175 per hour. This will largely depend on the amount of contractors it takes to complete the job and the competitive local installation service rates that are common for HVAC contractors in your area. Expect the average heat pump installation to take up to 20 hours for a brand new system with ductwork. It could take much less time to install if you are simply replacing a heat pump system or repairing your current one.

Comfort and energy efficiency are the biggest advantages of a new air source heat pump system. But if your heat pump unit is installed incorrectly or isn’t the right size, you won’t experience either of those benefits.

Unless you are a builder or remodeler, it’s worth hiring a ductless air conditioner installer with the right tools in their belt. The contractor has to lay concrete for the outdoor unit, cut a hole in the exterior wall, run the electrical lines for the conduit, and perform other tasks as needed, such as getting rid of some of your current system’s components. Expect to pay between $1,300 and $2,000.

While you may be tempted to settle for the best price for a heat pump installation regardless of specific experience, remember that ductless heating and cooling systems are still a niche market in the U.S. You may have to hunt a little for the right contractor, so don’t settle for someone you’re not sure will do a good job just because they offer the best price.