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Are you in need of heat pump repair or installation in your home or place of business?

We are Superior Co-Op HVAC and we would love to be your go-to HVAC technicians in the Albany, Troy, Clifton Park and Sartaoga Springs, NY area. With Superior Co-Op HVAC on the job, you can rest assured that your heat pump service, repair or installation technician will be highly trained, prompt and friendly every step of the way.

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Providing you with heat & air conditioning

Cold-Climate Heat Pump: Fossil free, zoned and smart phone controlled these provide an all-in-one solution!

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Are you in need of heat pump repair or installation in your home or place of business?

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We are Superior Co-Op HVAC and we would love to be your go-to HVAC technicians in the Albany, Troy, Clifton Park and Sartaoga Springs, NY area. With Superior Co-Op HVAC on the job, you can rest assured that your heat pump service, repair or installation technician will be highly trained, prompt and friendly every step of the way. Our number one goal is to make sure that we can walk you through the entire process from our initial analysis to pricing to our installation or repair of your heat pump. With our winning combination for experience and education, you will always get the most knowledgeable technicians in the industry.

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When your paying for the best, you should have the best install & maintain it as well!
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What are the benefits of a heat pump?

The effectiveness of a heat pump in your house will astound you! We at Superior CO-OP HVAC are happy to reassure you that we can offer a year-round climate control solution. In the summer, a heat pump will remove the heated air from your house and keep you cool. Our heat pumps work in reverse throughout the winter, drawing heat from the outside air and transferring it into your home. This procedure is effective down to temperatures as low as -15 degrees Fahrenheit. A heat pump heats your home by sucking in cold air, passing it over specialized heating coils, and then circulating it around your house to give you heat in the winter. This is similar to how an air conditioner in reverse works. The cost reductions from using a Superior CO-OP HVAC heat pump are its finest feature.

Professional Mitsubishi Heat Pump Installers

Our staff of knowledgeable specialists can assist you in identifying your requirements and the cold-climate heat pump that will best meet those requirements. In terms of service, installation, and complete client satisfaction, our team of specialists is dedicated to becoming the best in the region. As trustworthy as the items we install, you can rely on us.

Amazing Financing and Rebates Available

We will layout all your options along with your free quote.

Every Superior CO-OP HVAC service, repair and installation starts with our energy analysis

Superior CO-OP HVAC will conduct a thorough energy analysis for every heat pump, servicing, repair, and new installation. We strive to offer you the most effective heating and cooling systems that also fit your needs and your budget. We perform this energy analysis for you using our in-depth knowledge and a variety of highly specialized technologies. In addition to ensuring that you receive the greatest prices on our components, services, and products, we also consider the long-term cost of energy. We will never try work without your agreement and will always stay inside your budget. We are the trusted leaders in the heating and cooling sector in your community!

The Superior Co-Op HVAC is a licensed heat pump contractor

Due to the rapidly changing nature of technology, our technicians constantly receive updated training to maintain their leading-edge status in the field. No matter what issue you may be having, we are completely qualified and certified to work on all HVAC systems, including heat pumps, and we guarantee you the best service available. We have strived to develop partnerships with specific HVAC manufacturers so that we can always deliver you the best in repairs and maintenance services on a wide selection of brands. We take great pleasure in our considerable training and understanding in the field of HVAC system repairs. Our goal is to keep your system functioning as smoothly as it did when it was first installed. You will save a ton of money with cold-climate heat pumps, and there are incentives and financing options.

You can rest assured that with Superior Co-Op HVAC you will always get:

  • In-home consultation
  • Up front pricing
  • Customized system installation and sizing according to your needs
  • Energy efficiency assessments
  • Finance options
  • Factory warranties and extended labor warranties
  • Affordable maintenance plans

Reduce Your Heating & Cooling Bills Dramatically

Zoned comfort & smart home technology dramatically reduce your monthly expenses.

“We are very happy with the heat pump and cassettes; they look great and feel even better. It was a pleasure working with Josh and Brett and they did a meticulous job of putting in cassettes, as I said, they look great!

From start to finish, from your initial visit, the online appt. and invoicing, and installation was a very positive experience. Also, just wanted to let you know I paid the balance of our bill this morning using my debit card.

Best wishes for continued success!”


The Advantages of ENERGY STAR Certified Ductless Heat Pumps

“Ductless” mini-split heat pumps, which have been around for a while in Europe and Asia, vary from conventional house heating and cooling systems by: using a heat pump to deliver heating and cooling simultaneously.

For many years, heat pumps have been employed, mostly in temperatures in the South.
Do not use ductwork. Ductless mini-split heat pumps employ an indoor unit coupled to an outside unit in place of cumbersome, difficult-to-install ducting. Through refrigeration lines (which only need a three-inch hole in an outdoor wall for installation). One outdoor unit can be connected to up to 8 indoor units enabling various climates in each room.
Each indoor unit may deliver personalized heating and cool to each conditioned space, which is controllable via wall consoles, remotes, and smartphone apps.
reducing the cost of heating by 50% in comparison to traditional electric heating systems. Ductless mini-split heat pumps with the ENERGY STAR certification consume 60% less energy than conventional house electric resistance-based heating systems since they transfer heat rather than produce it.
reducing cooling expenses from traditional room air conditioners by 30%.
Ductless mini-split heat pumps that are ENERGY STAR certified have more advanced compressors and fans with speed-adjustable motors.

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) web database identifies ductless mini split heat pump models that have received the ENERGY STAR (link is external). (To view a list, use the “Yes” checkbox under the “Labeled ENERGY STAR” search criteria.)

Typical Uses for Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless mini-split heat pumps are being used more frequently in the following circumstances:

Homes with expensive electric heat, such as electric radiant baseboards, wall heaters, and furnaces, will also benefit from cooling.
older houses without ductwork that have never had central air conditioning, such as those with radiators or baseboard heat.
homes with costly central heating systems because of high fuel costs or inefficient systems.
extensions or outbuildings (such as a shed, barn, or garage) when it is not practical to expand the ducting or cooling/heating capacity.
spaces that aren’t frequently used (indoor units can be turned off to save money).
places where ductwork would be exposed to colder temperatures next to unconditioned spaces (e.g., a guest room above a garage).
new housing buildings in locations with high fuel prices.
older business structures without ductwork for extensions or air conditioning.

Additional Developments: Alternative Indoor Units and Cold Climate Heating

In the past, people were concerned about how well heat pumps worked to keep people warm in chilly climes. The heat pump has to work harder and harder to extract heat from the external air as the temperature drops. Modern heat pumps can function better in cold temperatures because they use sophisticated compressors and refrigerants. If this is a problem, seek ENERGY STAR models with a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) of over 12.0 BTU/Wh4 or check out the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership’s list of ductless mini-split heat pumps(link is external) made to function in colder locations (NEEP).

The appearance of the comparatively large interior floor or wall-mounted units could be another issue. Consumers in the United States, who are used to having their heating and cooling provided by barely perceptible vents in walls and ceilings, occasionally find the appearance of interior walls or floor-mounted units unpleasant. For a style that some American homeowners like, ductless system manufacturers, provide ceiling-recessed and short-run horizontal, duct-based air handlers.

Available Utility Incentives

Depending on the system being replaced, some regional utilities will offer refunds of up to $1,000 per unit for ductless heating and cooling systems that are ENERGY STAR certified. Here is a list of the readily available rebates.

Like an air conditioner, a heat pump moves heat from your house to the outside during the summer using a refrigeration cycle. In the winter, a heat pump brings heat from the outdoors into your house by running the refrigeration cycle backward.

An air handler known as an indoor unit 2 circulates room air across refrigerant coils.

An outside unit’s compressor is in charge of maintaining the temperature of the coils.

Efficiency Maine needs single-head units with a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) of over 12.0 BTU/Wh and has installed over 10,000 ductless mini-split heat pumps to provide heat during tough winters and has discovered that they function incredibly well!

Heat Pump Myths Debunked

Heat pumps provide even, energy-efficient heating throughout your home or business without the hot and cold spots that other types of heating systems are known for.  However, heat pumps are not well understood, and many home and business owners have misconceptions about how they work. Here are the most common heat pump myths, debunked.

Heat Pumps Create Heat

Unlike other types of heating solutions, heat pumps don’t create heat — they simply move it from one place to another.

A Heat Pump Won’t Keep You as Warm as a Gas Furnace or Wood Stove

The truth is ductless heating systems are designed to keep the air in your home consistently comfortable instead of providing “bursts” of heat to warm up cold air. Thus, hot and cold spots are eliminated.

Gas Furnaces Are More Energy Efficient Than Heat Pumps

A gas furnace produces less than a single unit of heat for every unit of energy it uses, while a heat pump produces two to three units of heat for every unit of energy used.

If You Have a Heat Pump, You Can’t Use Any Other Heating System 

Heat pumps work well as a supplemental heating system, meaning they can be easily used in conjunction with central heat, baseboard heat, wood stoves, and other forms of heating.

Heat Pumps Don’t Work in Weather That Is Too Cold

Mitsubishi Electric uses patented “flash injection” and Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) technology that allows their heat pumps to produce efficient, superior heating in temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is a heat pump?

Heat pumps transfer heat by circulating a substance called a refrigerant through a cycle of evaporation and condensation. A compressor pumps the refrigerant between two heat exchanger coils. In one coil, the refrigerant is evaporated at low pressure and absorbs heat from its surroundings.

Is a heat pump a good idea?

A heat pump is the most efficient heating machine on the market. For every dollar of electricity you put into a heat pump, you get back $2 to $4 of heat. That's energy efficiency! Plus, a heat pump also acts as a central air conditioner in summer, giving you year-round comfort.

What are the pros and cons of a heat pump?

7 Heat Pumps Advantages and Disadvantages Lower Running Costs. Heat pumps are cheaper to run than systems based on combustion. ... Less Maintenance. Heat pumps require less maintenance than the combustion heating systems. ... Safety. ... Carbon Emissions. ... Provide Cooling. ... Long Life-Span. ... RHI Scheme.

Are heat pumps worth the money?

When it comes to cooling, a heat pump system is equivalent to any air conditioner of the same size. Heat pumps don't “lose” any power due to working as a heater as well. ... This makes a heat pump 3-4 times more energy efficiency in heating mode than an electric furnace.

Which is better furnace or heat pump?

Heat pumps are more energy-efficient than furnaces because transferring heat is easier than making it. Under ideal conditions, a heat pump can transfer 300 percent more energy than it consumes. In contrast, a high-efficiency gas furnace is about 90 percent efficient.

What about cold-climate heat pumps, you ask?

Mini-split Heat Pumps and Heat Pumps for Cold Climates Are Extremely Efficient
Since you are here because you are interested in acquiring further knowledge regarding heat pumps that may be utilized in chilly environments, allow us to provide you with that information. The cold climate heat pump technology produced by Mitsubishi can collect heat from the air even on the coldest days by circulating a refrigerant. This technology was developed by Mitsubishi. In order to ensure that this technology is effective even in frigid situations, Mitsubishi has invented a new innovation that they term the Flash Injection Circuit.


Having reliable heating systems is absolutely necessary in New England due to the harsh winters and the recent technical developments that have been made in the field of heat pump solutions. Because of the Flash Injection Circuit, even regions that experience cold winters may reap the benefits of using an outdoor-air-powered mini-split heat pump throughout the whole year. This is because the pump is able to draw in warmer air from the surrounding environment.


We have learned a thing or two over the years thanks to our expertise working as a provider of heat pumps in Northern New York. Low-ambient heating is where heat pumps typically struggle the most. It is not an easy task to successfully heat a building with a heat pump when the outside temperature is below zero. Thank goodness, our FS model is driven by Hyper-Heat Plus Technology, which maintains a 100% heating performance all the way down to -5 degrees Fahrenheit and can continue to run effectively all the way down to -14 degrees Fahrenheit. Even on the coldest days, there is the option of enjoying the improved indoor circumstances.

Sensors for use in cold-weather heat pumps

The 3D i-see Sensor that comes with the FS version is capable of mapping a whole room into 752 distinct zones. Last but not least, it makes use of the heat generated by your own body to precisely locate you and your loved ones. The 3D i-see Sensor has the ability to differentiate between a person and their pet because to the pinpoint precision it possesses.

You can be certain of obtaining the high-caliber service you deserve when you work with a local Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor Elite who specializes in heat pumps. This will allow you to relax and enjoy the experience. We will work hard to ensure that you receive the most benefit from any tax exemptions, credits, or subsidized loan programs that the government may provide. In order to empower you to make an informed decision, we present you with all of the possibilities and information that are available. You will finally discover the best way to proceed with this situation. Instantaneously, one may make significant cost reductions. Elevate the overall value of the property. Through the use of our Kumo Cloud mobile app, you will have cutting-edge control over the temperature in your own house.
Kumo Cloud for Heat Pumps Designed for Cold Climates

The personnel at Superior CO-OP HVAC have made it a priority to continually educate themselves on emerging technology that may be of benefit to our customers.

It is essential that we provide you with the options that are most suited. We are aware that the requirements and resources of each person are different. The main distinction between us and other companies is that we offer the most reasonable prices for your existing circumstances. The residents of upstate New York have a lot of choices, but heat pumps designed for cold climates are at the top of our list.