Win a E-Z-GO RXV Elite Golf Cart



Sponsored by: Five Star Golf Cars

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Pump Installation Customer Contest

The 1st PRIZE is E-Z-GO RXV Elite Series golf cart ($10,500 Value) is a battery maintenance free golf cart. With fast charging and long battery life this golf cart reduces the use of acids and saves money on electricity to charge it. This is a perfect match for our  customers who are reducing their Independence on traditional fossil fuels for heating & cooling.

Every installation of Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Pumps systems will get a free ticket to win this RXV Elite golf cart. Purchase & installation from Superior Co-Op HVAC must be between February 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020. Only 1 ticket per address of installation.

2nd Prize wins $2500.00 towards a dream vacation. 

3rd Prize wins a $500.00 VISA card.


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1.Laura Zeppetelli – Cambridge, NY26. Ticket Available51. Ticket Available76. Ticket Available
2. Dan Havens – Albany, NY27. Ticket Available52. Ticket Available77. Ticket Available
3. Dan Gariepy – Melrose, NY 28. Ticket Available53. Ticket Available78. Ticket Available
4. Caryn Bowers – Albany, NY29. Ticket Available54. Ticket Available79. Ticket Available
5. Diane Thomas – Greenwich, NY 30. Ticket Available55. Ticket Available80. Ticket Available
6. John Kapitan – Cambridge, NY 31. Ticket Available56. Ticket Available81. Ticket Available
7. Ticket Available32. Ticket Available57. Ticket Available82. Ticket Available
8. Ticket Available33. Ticket Available58. Ticket Available83. Ticket Available
9. Ticket Available34. Ticket Available59. Ticket Available84. Ticket Available
10. Ticket Available35. Ticket Available60. Ticket Available85. Ticket Available
11. Ticket Available36. Ticket Available61. Ticket Available86. Ticket Available
12. Ticket Available37. Ticket Available62. Ticket Available87. Ticket Available
13. Ticket Available38. Ticket Available63. Ticket Available88. Ticket Available
14. Ticket Available39. Ticket Available64. Ticket Available89. Ticket Available
15. Ticket Available40. Ticket Available65. Ticket Available90. Ticket Available
16. Ticket Available41. Ticket Available66. Ticket Available91. Ticket Available
17. Ticket Available42. Ticket Available67. Ticket Available92. Ticket Available
18. Ticket Available43. Ticket Available68. Ticket Available93. Ticket Available
19. Ticket Available44. Ticket Available69. Ticket Available94. Ticket Available
20. Ticket Available45. Ticket Available70. Ticket Available95. Ticket Available
21. Ticket Available46. Ticket Available71. Ticket Available96. Ticket Available
22. Ticket Available47. Ticket Available72. Ticket Available97. Ticket Available
23. Ticket Available48. Ticket Available73. Ticket Available98. Ticket Available
24. Ticket Available49. Ticket Available74. Ticket Available99. Ticket Available
25. Ticket Available50. Ticket Available75. Ticket Available100. Ticket Available