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Emergency Air Conditioning Service

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Emergency Air Conditioning Service




What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

An air source heat pump is a highly efficient heating and air conditioning systems that can deliver one to three times more heat than the electricity they consume. Their efficiency stems from their ability to move or transfer heat from the air versus traditional systems, which must convert it from a fuel source.

Until recently, air source heat pumps were used primarily in the southern regions of the United States due to homes with mild climates that don’t need huge heating capabilities. However, advances in the technology have allowed heat pump units to offer a viable space-heating alternative in colder regions of the country versus electric resistance, or gas and oil furnace heat systems. An air source heat pump can work on its own or by also working along side a gas furnace unit. Because the air source heat pump system assumes some of the heating load, the backup furnace system operates less frequently which increases overall efficiency of your home and reduces energy consumptions and costs substantially.

When deciding to install an air source heat pump, you have two options. If you have existing ductwork in your walls and attic, you can easily replace your current HVAC system with a central ducted air source heat pump.

If you will need to install ductwork and vents in your home, it may be more affordable to install a ductless mini split heat pump system instead. A ductless heat pump doesn’t need your home to have ducts or vents to heat or cool your home. However, you will have to plan certain zones and get a heat pump that can handle your cooling and heating needs. Air source heat pumps are much more affordable than installing a geothermal heat pump type.