Fix These 3 Attic Problems to Boost Energy Efficiency

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Fix These 3 Attic Problems to Boost Energy Efficiency

Attic Insulation Energy-Efficient Tips - Superior Co-Op HVAC, Saratoga, NY

Maintaining your attic is an important step in keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. This helpful article from Angie’s List discusses three typical problems you might experience in your attic and their solutions.

Fix These 3 Attic Problems to Boost Energy Efficiency

Maintaining your attic involves three components: air sealing, insulation, and ventilation. When they operate as the three should, they combine to create a comfortable, energy-efficient and long-lasting living space.

1. Air sealing

No matter what climate you live in, sealing gaps in your attic is important. In the winter, warm air inside the home will be drawn to the cooler air outside, so you’ll pay more to heat your home as the heating system compensates for continuous heat loss in the attic.

In the summer, air leaks let warm, humid air into the attic. This can lead to moisture problems, damaged insulation, and higher cooling costs.

Give us a call at Superior Co-Op HVAC and we can help you seal the unused space in your attic.

2. Insulation

A well-insulated attic promotes energy efficiency and comfort. Uninsulated walls or ceilings let heat move through building materials. Heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer reduce your comfort. They also cause heating and air conditioning to run longer, using more energy.

If the space is uninsulated or underinsulated, or it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded it, contact us today.

3. Ventilation

While homes in warm, cold, dry or humid climates must be insulated and sealed well, the guidelines for attic and roof ventilation aren’t quite as cut-and-dried. In general, proper attic ventilation helps promote a durable, healthy space, limiting moisture troubles and discouraging problems such as ice dams.

In general, homeowners should get expert help to address attic ventilation concerns. Many aspects of the roof and attic can affect a home’s ventilation needs, including having ductwork running through the space or newer roofing materials.

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