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Heating & Cooling – Saratoga Springs

Superior Coop HVAC is proud to be serving the Saratoga Springs, NY area for all their residential and commercial heating & cooling needs. We do installs, repairs and maintenance on traditional heating & cooling systems. We also offer a number of other services and products for heating & cooling you may not have known are available such as:

  • Advanced Heat Pump Systems for Heating & Cooling (Renewable Energy)
  • Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Systems (Renewable Energy heat Pump)
  • Mini-Split Multi Zoned Heating & Cooling

We invite you to give us a call or contact us by using the contact page here on our website. We will gladly come do a free estiamte for new equipment and give you all the avaialble options for your area which will include the ability to save a huge amount of money.

Highland Heating – Saratoga Springs

IT Cooling

Complex IT Environments are often characterised by variable cooling loads, which require a high cooling capacity at full load in order to allow the IT equipment to operate correctly when it is most needed. Our IT Cooling range makes it possible to keep temperature and humidity constant even with very wide load variations, ensuring the correct room conditions all year round.

Highland Heating – Saratoga Springs


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