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Did you know that regular HVAC maintenance is recommended by your HVAC product manufacturers? Did you also know that often neglecting this maintenance can void your warranty? That is why we offer a service contract to cover this yearly maintenance. However, this service extends far beyond the mythical vacuuming and quick once over of your equipment. At Superior Co-Op HVAC we will send a highly trained and certified service technician to do a complete inspection of the equipment and components plus a cleaning of various parts to ensure proper operation when you need it to count the most!

But is the annual inspection and maintenance worth it? The answer is YES! Let’s face it, you wouldn’t buy a car and never take it in for an oil change or servicing and expect it to last! Why expect that of your heating and cooling or pool heater? It is a common misconception that since we live in Upstate NY and only need our heating and cooling for a few months and that yearly servicing is unnecessary and a waste of money. But did you know that spider mites like to build nests in the intake orifices of your furnace? Birds, rodents, and bees can make a nest in your heating equipment, chimney or vent pipe causing carbon monoxide or damage to the equipment. Dryer vents plug up with lint, taking longer to dry your clothes and can be a fire hazard. Think of not only the safety of your equipment but also the health of your family.

Isn’t it worth, “peace of mind” knowing, that your largest investment, your home, is being taken care of when it comes to safety, comfort, and health of your family for only $50 a month?

For a full listing of all the equipment, we service click HERE!

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