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We take care of your pool & pool equipment so you can enjoy it.

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Capital Region Pool Services

Superior Co-Op HVAC is passionate about ensuring that your pool is functioning to the best of its ability. Isn't it time you get more enjoyment our of your investment with extended swim seasons because you have all the best equipment and services needed?  From pool openings to sanitation, pumps and filtration, we can make your pool season stress free and full of enjoyment with crystal clear & warm water.

Pool Heat Pumps

Superior Co-Op HVAC offers top quality pool heat pump installations, pool heat pump replacements, pool heat pump repairs, and pool heat pump maintenance.

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Gas Pool Heaters

Superior Co-Op HVAC is one of the few companies locally that can install buried gas line to local codes and will complete your pool heater installation from start to finish.

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Pool Heater Service & Maintenance

For optimal performance after a long winter, have your pool heater serviced by a professional before starting it up.

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Pool Filtration Systems

There are 3 different types of pool filtration systems. We can help you choose the one that's right for you.

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Pool Pumps

Need a new pool pump or need one repaired?

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Pool Sanitation Systems

Superior Co-Op HVAC helps you find the best heater for your needs and budget and saves you money with maintenance and service plans.

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Is your pool heater the right one for the job?

If you're just installing a pool heater or think you need a new one, we’ll help you choose the right one. Because a pool heater works much like a boiler, using fuel to heat the water and distribute water to the pool, our HVAC professionals understand what it takes to make sure you have the right one. The determining factor in making sure you have the right heater for the job is calculating your pool’s BTU (British Thermal Units).

Pool heaters are rated by the amount of BTUs they can produce. As a matter of measurement, 1 BTU can heat up 1 lb. of water 1°F. We are thorough about our analysis of your pool, and will accurately calculate the pool heater that you need in order to swim comfortably while having equipment that you know will last.

We are happy to service and install Pentair and Hayward brand pool heaters.

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Maintain your pool systems and prevent emergency service