Pool Heater Installation Services

When considering a pool heater installation, there are many things to consider; location of heater, gas lines, electric, plumbing and timetable. Most Pool professionals only do a partial pool heater installation, leaving the customer to find professionals that can complete the installation. We are one of the few companies locally that can install buried gas line to local codes and know that proper sizing of gas line is essential in the Albany, Clifton Park and Saratoga, NY area. Superior Co-Op HVAC can complete the pool heater installation from start to finish, many times, within a week.

At Superior Co-Op HVAC we like to help our customers make the most of their swimming pool investment, after all having a pool in itself is a luxury.  Why install a pool if you can’t enjoy it a little earlier or later in the season?  With a pool heater installed by Superior Co-Op HVAC, we can get you swimming earlier and keep you swimming later in the season without diminishing your total enjoyment!  Superior Co-Op HVAC has a number of heating options and manufacturers to choose from.

Superior Co-Op HVAC is a fully licensed and insured pool heating installation and service company.  We take pride in our knowledge and years of service as well as our relationships with our preferred pool heater manufacturers.  Choosing the right pool heater for your pool can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be when you call Superior Co-Op HVAC and let us help you walk through the options so that we can figure out the best option for your unique situation.  With our variety of options we can fit not only your needs but your budget as well!

Alternatively, after installation or if you have an existing pool heater, we can discuss maintenance plans for service and repairs.  We always take our time to diagnose any repair requests so that we get to the root of the problem and make sure that when we fix your pool heater, it is done right.  And if your pool heater is beyond repair, we can always advise you on what you need to replace your system.  We are here with you from beginning to end of the process with advise, tips and lots of knowledge!

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