Pellet, Coal and Wood Stove Cleaning and Repair Services

If you have a pellet, coal or wood stove in your home then you are most likely familiar with the cleaning process that goes into ownership of these heating methods.  But, do you know how to clean and inspect the entire unit?  Do you know how often you should be cleaning it for optimal performance?  Do you know what time of year to clean?  Well, have no fear because Superior Co-Op HVAC knows all of these things and has a team that it ready and dedicated to coming and performing these tasks for you!  And to make this service even better, you can add it to your Monthly Service Contract and be sure that you have this servicing done when we come to your home for your semi-annual servicing for all of your other HVAC needs!

Superior Service and Repairs When You Need Them

When you find that your pellet, coal or wood stove is in need of repair, you don’t want to wait days to get a technician into your home!  Superior Co-Op HVAC is your local expert who will service and repair your pellet, coal or wood stove no matter if it is an emergency, the middle of the day or the middle of the night!  Our responsive teams are top notch and ready to help when you need it most.  You can rest assured when you call us that we will not only be there in a flash but will do needed repairs right the first time, every time!  As always, we offer up front pricing and will not surprise you with unnecessary repairs or overage costs as well as our 11 Point Inspection on every service call we receive.  We stand by our efforts to offer honest and fair pricing to all customers and will always strive to bring you the latest in rebates and financing options to suit every budget!

The Superior Co-Op HVAC peace of mind guarantee

With technology that is ever evolving, our technicians are always receiving training upgrades to keep their expertise as number one in the industry. We are fully licensed and certified with all of the HVAC systems that we repair and install ensuring you the very best in service no matter what the problem you may be experiencing. We pride ourselves in our extensive training and knowledge in the field of HVAC system repairs, and we have worked to build relationships with select HVAC manufacturers so that we can always bring you the best in repairs and maintenance services on a wide variety of brands. We are committed to making sure that your system is always running as smoothly as it was when it was first installed!

Reasons to trust Superior Co-Op HVAC for your Pellet, Coal, or Wood Stove Maintenance and Repairs:

  • We will save you money on service and parts
  • You can enroll your stove to be serviced and maintained by Superior Co-Op HVAC as part of your Monthly Service Contract
  • Our world class team is dedicated to servicing and/or repairing your stove
  • Our technicians have extensive training and knowledge to meet and exceed every need you have

Experience the Superior Co-Op HVAC difference

With years of experience and many satisfied customers, we know what it takes to do a job properly and make sure that each customer is 100 percent satisfied with our services! If you are looking for the best cleaning & repairs for your Pellet, Wood or Coal Stove and the best prices in the area, contact Superior Co-Op HVAC by filling out the form below or call (518) 719-5614 for a FREE consultation and estimate.

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Did you know?

  • When using a pellet stove, it is essential to keep it clean for optimal performance, safety, and to maximize the life of the stove.
  • Depending on how frequently you use your pellet stove, basic cleaning should be done up to twice per week. A more thorough cleaning should be completed after every ton of pellets are burned, and we recommend professional cleaning at least annually to ensure that your unit does not need immediate repairs to keep it safe and operating at peak performance.
  • Coal stoves require a complete cleaning and maintenance check annually.  This will add years of use to your coal stove.
  • Coal is very acidic, and burning coal will eat the metal components of a stove.
  • Neglecting to thoroughly clean of a wood stove can cause a major build up of creosote, which can cause extremely dangerous chimney fires. In-depth cleaning of a wood burning stove is usually best left to professionals.