Beyond Guardian Air

Recently FDA Approved & Available for Purchase

While we are in your home installing new equipment, this product will be in place purifying the air and home surfaces where we work. The “Beyond Guardian Air” system is proven to kills viruses in the air and on surfaces. This product and others like it are available for purchase. Purification, sanitation and automated virus killing products HERE.

Study Shows it Kills COVID-19 on Surfaces


Operating Guidelines During COVID-19 Pandemic

Installation crew will set up an air purification system
(Beyond Guardian Air} that exceeds CDC guidelines during their time installing equipment in the home /or business. This air purifier has better than HEPA guidelines getting down to .03 microns of particulates out of the air. As the air passes through the carbon filter it is sterilized by the UV light killing everything in its path. It also utilizes ActivePure technology that ionizes the air and sends out an army of scrubbers to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria on surfaces.


We do this to protect your home /or business. We want to ensure it is sanitized during and after our installation process. We will leave a video book on top of the Beyond Guardian Air for your viewing, as to what the air purifier is doing and how it works. Feel free to ask any questions.


Where the Guardian Air is Protecting People?

Cambridge Public Library in Cambridge NY, is now being protected by Beyond Guardian Air with ActivePure.