Heat Pump Demonstration Study

Heat Pump Demonstration Study

Heat Pump Demonstration Study

How many homes do you anticipate servicing
with the incentive funding for the heat pump
demonstration study?

We anticipate servicing up to 500 homes with this
incentive. Funding will be available on a first-comefirst-serve basis.

What are the learning objectives of the study?

■ Test drive rules and mechanics for additional
heat pump incentives for low- to moderate-income
(LMI) customers.
■ Test understanding of building profiles and
characteristics that represent the largest near-term
LMI electrification opportunities.
■ Measure household specific energy affordability
and burden reduction impacts.
■ Spur market learning and contactor partnerships
to install heat pumps in LMI households.
■ Gather market data on need and cost for electric
panel and service upgrades required.

What happens when the funding associated with
the heat pump demonstration study runs out?

The funding for this study is intended to serve approximately
500 homes. The information gathered during the process
will be used to inform future program design.

When are we allowed to publicize this program?

NYSERDA may issue a press release about the study. We
will inform you when it is appropriate to publicize and share
a copy of the release, if issued. Otherwise, contractors may
only conduct their own customer marketing and may not
otherwise promote the study without NYSERDA’s approval.