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Gas stoves are very popular these days, and for good reason! They are cozy warm, create ambiance, and best of all, there’s no mess, and no buying or chopping of wood. Easy-peasy, right?

But it’s important to remember that, just like a furnace, gas stoves need annual maintenance to keep them working, keep you warm, and keep those toxic combustion gases headed in the right direction (out of your house)!Have you ever wondered what exactly needs to be serviced on a gas stove, how often, and why? In this, Part II of our Annual Maintenance Series, we will walk you through the details and checklists of Gas Stove and Gas Insert maintenance, discuss whether or not this service is important, and what you can expect to pay for it.

Whether you use your gas fireplace, stove, insert, or log set for ambiance, daily comfort or emergency heat and have an open, screened, or glass front your appliance is a candidate for annual maintenance. Gas appliances generate some soot and carbon just like wood-burning fires and can leave deposits in the chimney the same way. When the appliance is not active dust and insects can impede the flow of gas to components.

Is your gas fireplace acting up? When was the last time you had your gas fireplace cleaned and inspected? Homeowners love gas fireplaces because they are easy to use and very low maintenance. However, gas fireplaces can also cause problems, and they do require regular servicing. Whatever your gas fireplace needs, the SUPERIOR CO-OP HVAC. can help.