Gas Fireplaces & Stoves

Gas-Burning Fireplaces

Our direct-vent gas fireplaces are perfect to retrofit to any home, as they do not require a chimney and can be vented through your wall or roof directly. By drawing air from the outside and venting outside as well, gas fireplaces won’t take away from your home’s warm air or compete with other appliances for combustion air.

Gas-Burning Stoves

With the perfect marriage of durability, design, performance and safety, our gas burning stoves will be there when you need them with the kind of quality you’d expect from one of the nation’s leading manufacturers.

Pellet, Coal, and Wood Fireplaces & Stoves

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

While wood burning fireplaces have been around for centuries, nobody does it quite like us. In partnership with Napoleon, we have been able to take advantage of their decades of research, design development and expertise in order to provide you with the kind of quality that comes second to none.

Wood-Burning Stoves

We have taken the time, care and effort in order to ensure that our wood burning stoves not only meet, but exceed Environmental Protection Agency standards for safety. In this way, we can guarantee a high level of quality, reliability and lasting durability so you can have a stove you can trust.

Learn more about the benefits of each type of fireplace and stove, and see how we can install or maintain yours with the professionals that Saratoga Springs, Ballston Lake, and the Capitol Region loves. Just contact us today and one of our qualified, friendly technicians will be there to help!

We are happy to service and install Napoleon brand fireplaces and stoves.