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March 2, 2018
Superior Co Op HVAC - Three Furnace Smells To Be Cautious Of

Three Furnace Smells To Be Cautious Of

With March upon us we know that we don’t have to think about the furnace for much longer.  All too soon we will be thinking about […]
February 20, 2018
Superior Co Op HVAC - Water Heater Problem Discolored or Smelly Water

Water Heater Problem: Discolored or Smelly Water

Have you ever opened a tap to wash your hands and been hit with a rotten egg smell?  Or maybe you went to wash your hands […]
February 19, 2018
Superior Co Op HVAC - How Many BTUs Does A Furnace NEed For A House

How Many BTUs Does a Furnace Need for a House?

If you are replacing your furnace with a new HVAC unit you may be wondering how big of a unit you need or how many BTU’s […]
February 13, 2018
Superior CoOp HVAC - What Is a Fan Limit Switch

What Is A Furnace Fan Limit Switch?

We have heard this question many times and we thought that it was time to address this question!  Let’s start by defining a furnace fan limit […]
February 12, 2018
Superior CoOp HVAC - Furnace Water Leak

Furnace Water Leak and Potential Causes

It is common knowledge that if you see water on the floor near your furnace that this is a sign of something being wrong.  It could […]
February 6, 2018
Superior Co Op - Furnace Concerns

Furnace Concerns: The 3 Most Common

It’s that time of year.  Winter.  And wouldn’t you know it but there is a myriad of problems that you may experience with your furnace.  Sometimes […]